The holiday season is here, which means it's time to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family. But you may be having trouble coming up with gift ideas.

Gift cards are one of the most popular Christmas gift options. In recent years, gift cards have experienced a 114% increase in sales between November and December. They are a fun and versatile gift option for everyone.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, gift cards are the way to go. Keep reading below to find out even more great reasons why gift cards are the best for friends and family on your list.

Gift Cards are Terrific Christmas Gifts for Hard to Buy For Recipients

Everyone has at least one person on their list, which makes it difficult to find the perfect gift. But with gift cards, you'll have a great selection of gift options to choose from. It makes buying Christmas gifts effortless.

Gift cards range from categories like dining out, entertainment, retail shopping, online gaming, and more. You can buy popular Christmas gift subscriptions to Netflix video streaming service or Spotify music streaming.

You can even buy Airbnb gift cards so your gift recipient can take a much-needed vacation.

Gift Cards are Personalizable

With so many different gift card options, you're certain to find the perfect one that reflects your recipient's interests or hobbies.

If they have a favorite store, getting gift cards as Christmas gifts ensures they'll have some fun shopping at their favorite retailer, courtesy of you. You can also find gift cards for their favorite restaurant or fast food establishment.

If you want to send a basic VISA, Mastercard, or Paypal payment card so your recipient can use it for everyday purchases, that is also an option.

Gift Cards Are More Personal and Secure Than Giving Cash

As much as 61% of Americans plan to give gift cards and cash in lieu of traditional Christmas gifts. Sure, who doesn't love to open up a Christmas card and have money spill out? However, this method can feel highly impersonal.

Giving cash can make a person feel like they were more of an afterthought and that it was just easier to go to an ATM than to actually think of a thoughtful gift. Gift cards show that you put in the effort to specifically think of a product, store, or retailer that your gift card recipient will love shopping at the most.

Another drawback of cash is that it can be easily stolen. Digital gift cards are also a more secure way to give Christmas gifts. The redemption codes are sent to the recipient's text message or email inbox. Payment gift cards like VISA and Mastercard are just as good as cash and can be accepted anywhere that displays a VISA or Mastercard logo.

Gift Cards are Easy to Wrap

The holiday season is stressful enough as it is. First, you have to shop for and buy your Christmas gifts. Then, you have to wrap them.

This can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Larger and oddly shaped gifts are a struggle trying to wrap properly.

These items also create large amounts of wrapping paper waste. An estimated 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper are produced each year in the U.S., with 2.3 million pounds ending up in landfills.

With gift cards, there are no complicated gifts to wrap or wasted paper resources. Simply slip them into a decorative envelope, greeting card, or re-usable gift card container.

Gift Cards are Easy to Give or Send

If you're going to be seeing your gift card recipient in person, it's easy to present your gift card in a decorative envelope or greeting card. Many greeting card companies have specially printed cards with a slot or built-in holder to display gift cards. You can also mail gift cards at the post office or put them in your mailbox.

If you're sending a gift card but don't have the recipient's home address, you can also send a digital gift card instead. Unlike physical gift cards, which require postage to send, digital gift cards can be sent for little to no cost at all through email or text SMS messages.

There is also a big concern about physical gift cards getting stolen or lost in the mail. But digital gift cards go right to your recipient's email inbox or text message app, where they are stored securely until redeemed.

If you don't have enough time to mail a physical gift card, a digital one is ideal for last-minute gifts because they are delivered instantly. During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital gift cards created a way to send Christmas gifts to friends and family safely, no matter where they were.

Gift Cards Let the Recipient Buy What They Want

Have you ever bought Christmas gifts you thought would be a smash hit, only to discover the recipient already had an item just like it? How about buying clothing items that ended up being the wrong size? Or did your gifts just completely miss the mark?

We've all been there at some point with our gifting. That's why gift cards for big retail stores are the perfect gifts. They let the recipient buy what they want. There's no guesswork required for picking out the proper sizes and colors of clothing or wondering if they'll even like your gift.

Your gift card recipient is in the driver's seat and can use it for whatever they want.

Gift Cards are Good All Year Long

If your recipient chooses not to spend their gift card right away, that's okay too. Many recipients hang onto their gift cards for when they really need the extra funds. Others may use their gift card to finally buy a special item they've had their eye on that finally went on sale.

Around 80% of all gift cards purchased are redeemed within a year, while up to 70% of these gift cards get used within the first six months. Gift cards give your friends and family the flexibility to decide when they want to use them.

Everyone Loves Getting Gift Cards

eCommerce gift cards are great for people of all ages. These gift card options allow their recipients to browse thousands of products online that they want or need. They will be able to order them and receive these items delivered right to their door from top companies like Amazon and eBay.

Teenage boys can be especially difficult to buy for. They don't want fancy sweaters and socks as Christmas Gifts. It's all about online gaming now, so Steam or Playstation gift cards are the best and most popular Christmas gift option for this age demographic.

Streaming music and video subscription services have something for everyone to enjoy. With gift cards, you can buy a set monetary amount good for 3-6 months of their favorite streaming medium. That's why a Spotify or Netflix gift card makes a perfect entertainment option.

You Can Buy Gift Cards at a Discount

During the holiday season, many retailers offer a discount on gift cards. If you're buying multiple gift cards, you can get 5-10% off gift card purchases at places like Target. This can be especially helpful if you're buying gift cards as Christmas gifts in bulk for friends and family or co-workers.

Other retailers can offer a bonus gift card of $5-15 for every set amount of gift cards purchased. For example, If you buy $50 worth of gift cards, you can get a $5 bonus gift card. If you buy $75 worth of gift cards, you can get a $10 bonus gift card, and for $100 in gift cards, you can get a $15 bonus gift card.

Some online digital gift cards can also be bought at a discount as part of limited-time deals or sales. This allows you to get more gift card for your money. So buying gift cards can be an even more cost-effective method for buying Christmas gifts.

Gift Cards Can Be Bought with Multiple Payment Options

Cash, debit, and credit cards are the most common ways to buy gift cards. But did you know it's also possible to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies as well? Prepaidify lets you buy gift cards with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or one of over 250 other supported cryptocurrencies.

Browse through dozens of the top digital gift cards on Prepaidify. You can select between email or SMS text message options for instant delivery to your recipient. This is ideal for sending forgotten or last-minute gifts.

Sign in or create an account. Then, you select your gift card type and the amount you want on the card. Add it to your cart and check out.

Once you confirm your order, you'll be taken to a QR code on the next page. Select your cryptocurrency of choice, enter the amount to pay, and scan the code. It's easy, fast, and secure.

Buy Gift Cards with Cryptocurrencies This Holiday Season at Prepaidify

With so many great reasons why gift cards make the perfect Christmas gifts, you'll want to start shopping for everyone on your list right away. And now that you can buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies, you'll have even more reason to tuck gift cards into the stockings of friends and family.

Prepaidify has popular Christmas gift cards like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and Steam on our site. Browse and easily buy gift cards with Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies securely in a snap.

Contact us with any questions or comments, or start buying your gift cards on our site today.