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PCS Voucher 150 EUR

PCS Voucher 150 EUR
PCS Voucher 150 EUR
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Buy PCS Mastercard Voucher With Tether (USDT)

Prepaidify enables the ability to buy a PCS Mastercard recharge card using Tether (USDT) and other cryptocurrencies. This simplifies the process of topping up your PCS Mastercard and making purchases at Mastercard accepting establishments both online and in-store, without exposing sensitive information.

Paying with cryptocurrencies for your PCS voucher offers several advantages. Transactions are fast and secure, and you don't have to worry about bank fees or long waiting times. Plus, using cryptocurrencies allows you to keep your personal information private. And with the option to use a variety of cryptocurrencies, you have flexibility in how you pay.

Obtaining a PCS Mastercard

Despite being headquartered in France, you don't have to be a French resident to get a PCS Mastercard. As long as you live in a country in the European Union and are of legal age, you can apply for the card. If you're under the legal age, your parents can apply for a prepaid Mastercard for you.

To apply, go to the PCS website and select the appropriate card option. Once you've submitted your application, you will have to verify your identity to fully activate the card. After that, you can add funds to your card as often as you like. The PCS Mastercard can be used for online and offline transactions, and can also be linked to an e-wallet for easy money transfers to friends and family.

Buy a PCS Mastercard with Crypto

Prepaidify allows you to purchase a PCS eGift Mastercard using Tether and other cryptocurrencies. Simply pick the amount you want, select the cryptocurrency you want to pay with, and wait for the voucher code to be delivered to your email. Once you receive the voucher code, you can instantly reload your PCS Mastercard and have up to one year to spend the balance. Make use of your crypto assets now by reloading your PCS Mastercard at Prepaidify.

Steps To Redeem Your PCS Mastercard Code:

To redeem your PCS Mastercard Recharge Code simply follow these steps:

On the PCS website:

  • Login to "My Account".
  • Go to the “Top up my card” menu.
  • Click on “PCS top up voucher”.
  • Enter the 10-digit code that you received from us. And you’re done! Your prepaid credit is applied to your card balance.

On the MyPCS mobile app for iOS or Android:

  • Open the app and go to the “Top up” menu.
  • In the coupon section, enter the 10-digit code that you received from us. Ready!

Important: You must first have a PCS Card to use this top-up code and it expires one year after purchase.